These are a collection of materials that all Citizen Potawatomi Nation members should have access to and be familiar with, which is why we have provided them here, in the spirit of alignment and transparency. We will continue to add documents and position papers as we progress with our campaign.  

CPN Constitution
Citizen Potawatomi Nation Constitution and codes. 2017 Edition

Ethics In Leadership
 This is a position paper on those codes and a call for more transparency. 

CPN Operating Budget
Citizen Potawatomi Nation Operating Budget for fiscal year 2021.

CARES Act Expenditures  
Citizen Potawatomi Nation CARES Act expenditures for 2020. 

ONAC Resource Guide
A resource guide for native women entrepreneurs in the United States. 

CPN Representation Statement
An official campaign statement on CPN members being denied representation. 

Comments on CPN Growth 
Lisa’s comments on growing the nation and services for all CPN members. 

Accountability with COVID Relief
Comments on why we need accountability with Covid Relief funds. 

Representation & Elections 
Comments on representation and how tribal legislators are being selected. 

Lisa Kraft on Our Path Forward 
Lisa’s comments on how now is the time for change moving forward.

Equal Pay
 This is a position paper on Equal and Transparent Pay.

Barrett Refining vs Mississippi CEQ

Brasfield Wrongful Disenrollment
 Wrongful Disenrollment Documents

2021 COVID Treasury
2021 COVID Treasury Documents

Thrice Purchased
Thrice Purchased from The Chronicles of Oklahoma

COVID Treasury Allocation Study
COVID Policy Brief – CARES Allocation Study

Election Law Letter
Correspondence sent to CPN Election Committee Chairman Gary Bourbonnais

CPN Grand Resort Development
CPN Grand Resort Development

A Kraft Administration Proposed CPN 2021 Census of Needs and Talents for the Priority of Spending of Treasury’s $175 Million

COVID Budget Kraft Proposed
Line Item Budget

COVID Funding Q&A
COVID Treasury Funding Questions and Answers