Our future as a nation

I want to see us better aligned to achieve our potential as a people. With over 26 years of experience in Oklahoma Indian Country, assisting leaders in strategic planning, development projects, Nation building, and 4 consecutive terms as an elected legislator for the CPN, it is obvious to me that we have an opportunity to rekindle the fire of our great nation.

We need a change in leadership and I would like you to join me, help me unite our people, and become a part of our grassroots movement. We will stand strong as we continue our efforts.

nde bodwéwadminéndëm pené
(I am thinking Potawatomi always.)


– Lisa Kraft


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Rekindle the fire

Being Citizen Potawatomi is a link to one of the most magnificent and enterprising tribal communities in America. I plan to demonstrate what it means to be Potawatomi on a massive scale and in consideration of all Potawatomi people and nations. We have shared ways that our members are eager to learn and that can bring more meaning to our lives as Indian people. I want to create a cultural revolution among our membership and regardless of geographical boundaries or other limitations.

“When you start putting our small practices in motion in your own life and that of your family, you will see that the language is our lifeblood.”
  • A personal commitment to become fluent in our language, and continue my studies with our best teachers.
  • An opportunity and 10 year plan for all Potawatomi to learn their treasured language.
  • Investments in tools, techniques, and programs, including mobile apps, for Potawatomi located everywhere.
  • Leveraging our language practices in ceremonies and forums as a part of daily recognition of who we are.

“Potawatomi traditions start inside each of us. We are born with these cultural rights and gifts. We shouldn’t hesitate to use them.”

  • Lead by example, and share Lisa’s own journey, including the use of tobacco, sage, prayer, altars, etc.
  • Expand our use of ceremonies, sweats, and prayer as regular practice and a daily part of how we gather.
  • Guides for setting practices in motion in your own life. It is never too late to begin learning our ways.
  • Introduce and elevate our cultural teachers and elders, and help them to become more available.

“We need to help each other with language and traditions, being Potawatomi should not feel like an unsolved mystery.”
  • Working with other Potawatomi nations, promoting more cultural events, and host seasonal celebrations
  • Create a Potawatomi-wide art community and business network for a better collaboration and trade.
  • Elevate our youth and teaching practices through ongoing mentorship and related programs.
  • Improve our reach and connections through technology mediums and social media services.

Special Programs

There is no better way to lead than through example. These are the programs that we are getting underway today, to help enact the changes we need before the next election. Sign up to learn more, and follow us on social media. What else should we be doing? Always thinking Potawatomi.

Tribal Census

We need an online Tribal Census ensuring all CPN members are getting the support they need. We can’t accurately serve our members without knowing needs.

  • Federal and relief guarantees.
  • Assistance programs and accurate fund calculations.
  • Let us know how you are doing as a People on a yearly basis

Youth Leadership Council

A group with a mission to help guide us towards a better future.

  • Establish a strong, ongoing mentorship practice.
  • Generate new ideas and programs
  • Maintain a steady cadence of investment and growth
  • Define a roadmap for a better future.


More transparency and improvements to how we govern our great nation.

  • More transparency in current practices.
  • Better awareness of what executive and administrative leaders salaries.
  • Constitutional amendments including term limits.
  • Improved media and third-party reporting
  • Releasing true budgets and expenditures.

Policies Needed

These are some of the policies and practices we need to improve. To continue our growth, we are going to need more transparency, better representation, and to make investments in our people in these areas. I am always interested in hearing more ideas. Join us in becoming part of this historic movement. One that will forever change the way we think and live.


Growing and expanding employment opportunities for all of our people.

  • Expanded member services, across the nation.
  • Access to additional federal grant programs and relief efforts.
  • Grow our tourism and retail businesses. 
  • Better link CPN members to our tribal businesses.
  • Fair pay for employees and a clear path to career advancement.


Investing in and enhancing the opportunities for tribal members and their families.


  • Investing in Potawatomi cultural awareness and language.
  • Create a Think Tank with members, leaders, and allies.
  • Expand education services including online courses and advanced studies.
  • Tuition scholarships for K-12 to get assistance before college.
  • Contact every CPN teen with scholarship information before graduation.


Expanding how we take care of and provide for the health of our members.

  • Services nationwide including digital and mobile healthcare.
  • Expanded services including substance abuse and mental health.
  • Helping members with domestic abuse, foster care, reentry, and homelessness.
  • Animal welfare programs and policies.

Resource materials

These are a collection of materials that all Citizen Potawatomi Nation members should have access to and be familiar with, which is why we have provided them here, in the spirit of alignment and transparency. We will continue to add documents and position papers as we progress with our campaign.  

Lisa Kraft

Years of Experience

Lisa has over 26 years of experience in Oklahoma Indian Country in strategic planning, development projects, and nation building

Consecutive Terms

Lisa has served 4 consecutive terms as an elected legislator of Citizen Potawatomi Nation

“Copper Bear only writes and works for Oklahoma tribal leaders and does not solicit business from individuals. Business is by word of mouth only. This website is for informational purposes, not marketing.”


  • We are 36,000 strong and we need changes in leadership to make much needed improvements. 
  • We need to invest more in our families and youth, empowering them with education and opportunities. 
  • Geography is no obstacle, we want to help all our members at every stage, to live the best life they can.